Is VIS really the best place for me to learn and practice my Italian?

Well, yes it is 🙂


Years of experience combined with constant updates and improvements of lessons, material and teaching techniques and…


The capacity to understand each student’s individual approach to language learning and the skills to adjusting classes accordingly.

Is that it?

No actually…the atmosphere of the school is completely unique: professional and friendly in a beautiful setting; as authentic as one can find.

What are the times for classes?

Group course run Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 1pm; there is a 15 mins coffee break around mid-morning.

Individual courses run Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 6pm and they last 1.5 or 2 hours each.

How is my level assessed?

Diego’s responsibility – you are only asked to write a short paragraph to him, letting him know about your past and current (if any) Italian studies. Based on his long experience, Diego will not only find the best small group for you but also create the best possible lessons for your specific needs.

What if I do not feel that it is the right group for me?

Talk to Diego and we will reschedule your course, normally in another small group or – if there are no other students at your level – with individual classes instead.

How can I pay?

Ideally, via bank transfer or in cash directly at the school.

Is there a policy for the deposit?

We do not ask for a deposit to be paid – payment can happen directly in Venice during your time at the school. No rush!

And for a refund?

We do not ask for a deposit – so you pay only if you come and attend classes.

I have some other questions you did not answer to!

Brilliant, we look forward to hearing them! Please, write to us right-away!

We will be delighted to start organising your personal learning experience in Venice soon!

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