Discover how we work

How we work

We opened the way in Venice for personalised Italian language courses. Based upon numerous years’ of international experience, this is what you can expect:

Before arrival

We assess your previous knowledge of Italian, current needs and personal learning approach. We research and select our best material as well as creating new activities to work on specific topics and structures.

During the course

We run lessons specifically aimed at improving your speaking confidence, working on accuracy and fluency. We use a combination of Communicative and Dogme approaches to language learning. The former encourages students to put immediately into spoken practice the topics covered in class; while Dogme focuses on individual experiences and life in order to maximize “emerging language”.

After the course

We provide clear recommendations on how best we think you can continue with your studies. We will give you precise and accurate guidelines to follow … before your next visit!

Our confidence is based on excellent feedback and comments from our students

That is why we can confidently claim we are

the best Italian language school in Venice

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