Venice with Luisa 2014
Venezia con Gitta 2014


The Venice Italian School uses a mix of Communicative and Dogme approaches to language teaching to get the best results for students. The first encourages students to put immediately into spoken practice the structure and vocabulary learned, while the second focuses on experiences in order to maximize “emergent language”.

With practical, dynamic and interactive lessons, we guarantee our students an inspiring and fun learning experience!

Group Courses

IMG_2033With a maximum class size of 6 students of the same level, the focus is on individual learning. Students are constantly engaged and experience a relaxed and inspiring environment. The small class size means that time spent per student significantly exceeds most other schools and enables an outstanding degree of attention to detail. It allows teachers to address the individual requirements of students in an interactive and productive learning atmosphere.


Individual Courses

IMG_0721-untitled-1024x768For early levels, this type of course represents a great opportunity to cover much of the basics in a relatively limited amount of time. For intermediate and advanced learners, it offers a fantastic opportunity to have immediate and constant feedback from the teacher, addressing in detail each student’s unique problems and mistakes.


Cultural Lessons

IMG-20120912-00160These Cultural and Special Classes are specifically designed to get our students to put into practice what they have learned… by communicating with locals! Students get the opportunity to practice their Italian in the fields they like the most while discovering more about Venice and Italy. Cultural and Special classes include: Art of Venice, Venetian Cooking (Venetian recipes!), Formaggi d’Italia, Wine & Cicheti, Glassmaking workshop (why not make your own souvenir?) and – a favorite – Venetian Rowing lessons.

Teaching Material

We use the most up to date and successful teaching materials on the market. What is more, based on our years of experience, we have created special exercises, games and role-plays for all different levels of learners (from A1 to C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language).