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Cultural Lessons


DietDesigned to encourage students to practice their Italian in real-life situations, these activities focus on fluency, practicing specific structures and vocabulary in free conversations.

This is practical learning at its best: students are encouraged to listen and talk to the professionals leading the classes, asking questions and converse with them and amongst each other. These classes can be booked as a complement of the Group and Individual courses or can also be booked on their own. Lessons usually begin at the school premises and are then carried out at different locations: in the chef’s kitchen or at our local rowing club.

The cooking lesson is run by an experienced local chef in her own kitchen; the rowing lesson is led by qualified rowing instructors. Diego or Lucia take care of the linguistic side of the classes.

Our cultural lessons in 2017

Venetian cookingVenetian rowing

Afternoon – from 15.00 to 17.00 (rowing) and from 16.30.00 to 21.30 (cooking)


Cooking: 3 hour class + dinner – from €80 per person – including wine and dinner in the spectacular chef’s dining room.
Rowing: 2 hour class – from €65 per person – including membership and an official t-shirt from the local boat club.

All levels are welcome!

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