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Venetian Cooking

ottobre-2016-lezione-di-cucinaA truly special, very hands-on class run – in Italian – by the fabulous local chef and ‘Maestra di cucina’ Maria Grazia Calò. Students participate in the cooking of authentic Venetian recipes, such as sarde in saor or zaeti, as well as more general Italian dishes, such as tagliatelle al sugo and tortelloni with various stuffings. Diego looks after the linguistic side of the class, making sure students thoroughly profit from this great and fun chance to listen and converse. As experienced and appreciated also by Lonely Planet.

Flexible days – from 16.30 to 21.30

Price: from €80 per person


  • 3 hrs of cooking lesson with chef Calò
  • 2 hrs of Italian conversational activities with Diego
  • Dinner – all included – at the spectacular dining room of the chef’s beautiful Venetian home

This class is ideal to boost conversational confidence as students will have a great chance to talk, talk, talk and follow the recipes in Italian throughout

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