Bespoke to fit your needs

Thanks to our small size and “care to each student” policy we organise courses and classes bespoke to your needs. Our broad experience enables us to understand different situations, assess the best course of action and address different difficulties and pitfalls for each student.

Group Courses

With a maximum class size of 6 students of the same level, the focus is on individual learning. Students are constantly engaged in an inspiring learning environment. The small class size means personal time spent for each student significantly exceeds other schools. It also enables an outstanding degree of attention to detail, allowing us to address the individual requirements of each student.

Individual Courses

For early levels, this type of course represents a great opportunity to cover much of the basics in a relatively limited amount of time. For intermediate and advanced learners, it offers a fantastic chance to practice conversation and to have immediate and constant feedback from the teacher, addressing specific difficulties and mistakes in the most effective possible way.

Our Cultural Activities

These optinal activities have a didactic and a social goal. Socially, we want to get students to spend some time together, getting to know each other: a relaxed and friendly class atmosphere works great in creating a perfect learning environment from day one. Didactically, we wants students to practice their Italian in real-life situations, focusing on the fluency and the communicative aspect of the language.

We will be delighted to start organising your personal learning experience in Venice right away!

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