‘Is your school really the best place to practice Italian?’

‘Well, yes it is’ 🙂


‘Years of experience combined with constant updates and improvements of material and teaching techniques and …’

‘ … and?’

‘ Understaning each student’s individual needs and approach to language learning.’

‘Is that it?’

‘No actually! The atmosphere of the school is absolutely unique: professional and friendly in a beautiful Venetian home. As authentic as one can find.’

‘What are the times for classes?’

‘Group courses run Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 1pm; there is a 15 mins coffee break around mid-morning. Individual courses run Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 6pm and they last 1.5 or 2 hours each.’

‘How is my level assessed?’

‘Diego’s responsibility. You are only asked to write a short paragraph, letting him know about your past and current Italian studies. Based on his long experience, Diego will not only find the best mini-group for you but also create the best possible lessons for your individual needs.’

‘What if I do not feel that it is the right mini-group for me?’

‘Talk to Diego and we will reschedule your course, normally in another mini-group or – if there are no other students at your level – with individual classes instead, at the same cost.’

‘How can I pay?’

‘Ideally, via bank transfer before arrival or directly at the school.’

‘Is there a policy for the deposit?’

‘We do not ask for a deposit – payment can happen directly in Venice during your time at the school. No rush!’

‘And for a refund?’

‘We do not ask for a deposit – so you pay only if you come and attend classes.’

‘I have some other questions you did not answer to!’

‘Brilliant! We look forward to hearing them: please, write to us right-away!’

‘By far the best Italian language school I have ever been to’

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