Why learning and practicing Italian at the Venice Italian School?

Learning and practicing Italian at the Venice Italian School is a truly exceptional experience. Situated in the heart of Venice, this school offers a one-of-a-kind environment for language enthusiasts.
The school’s location immerses you in the authentic Italian atmosphere of Venice. As you step out of class, you will find yourself in the beautiful Campo San Stin with its lively, local atmosphere, encapsulating the captivating rhythm of everyday Venetian life. This immersive setting makes every moment an opportunity to practice your Italian also outside the classroom.
On top of this, the Venice Italian School’s dedicated and experienced teachers provide personalized attention, encouraging conversational practice and producing rapid language development. The small class sizes ensure that you receive individualized support and guidance, enabling you to grasp Italian grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation effectively.
Additionally, the school organizes cultural activities in the afternoon, allowing you to put your language skills to use in real-life situations: aperitivo, passeggiata and caffè: these experiences make learning Italian practical, enjoyable and memorable!
In essence, the Venice Italian School offers an unparalleled combination of linguistic excellence and cultural immersion, making it an outstanding choice for anyone eager to learn and practice Italian.