The Venice Italian School also offers online courses to consolidate and keep your Italian going

Italian Maintenance

is ideal for:

  • students who know some Italian and would like to build confidence in speaking

  • students who came to our school and would like to keep their Italian going … before their next visit 😉

The programme includes

  • Duration

    One hour online individual sessions

  • During the session

    conversational activities to build confidence in speaking

    During the session

  • After the session

    specifically tailored homework to consolidate the classwork


  • When
    anytime, we are completely flexible to adjust to your schedule
  • How often
    this is entirely up to you – we suggest a minimum of one session every other week
  • How much
    €60 per session – all preparation, homework and material included


if you want to partner up with one or two other students at your level, that could make your class more interactive (and you can share the cost)


€75 in total

Individual class for two people:

€90 in total

Individual class for three people

€25 per person

Mini-group: four to six students (maximum):

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